Essay on Canadian Natural Resources : Canada 's Largest Gas Company

Essay on Canadian Natural Resources : Canada 's Largest Gas Company

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Canadian Natural Resources is an oil and gas exploration, development and production company with its corporate head office in Calgary, Alberta. CNR is Canada’s largest oil and gas company and one of the world’s largest independent oil and gas producer. CNR was founded in Calgary, Alberta in 1989 but there is no specific man or women who have found the company. The company started off with drilling shallow gas basin, which is a big contributor of their success. Slowly they shifted into bitumen and crude oil. CNR headquarters are located in Calgary, Alberta and all the other offices are located in Alberta except for one, Fort St.John which is located in British Columbia. Their factories and offices are located in Alberta because Alberta is the province with the most oil, so the closer they are to the oil the more they can find and drill. CNR’s mission statement is “To develop people to work together to create value for the Company 's shareholders by doing it right with fun and integrity.” Their statement means that they are an ethical company and care about the people they work with but they also like to have fun while doing their job. The company believes in working together and collaborating with other industries on new technology to minimize the environmental footprint. The company wants to sustain a relationship with it partners and employees. Also the CNR has a human rights code of conduct which every employee has to accept before they become a member of the CNR family. Over the past 5 years the company has shown a significant increase in their stocks and they had a 74% increase from 2010-2014. They company had one of the most tremendous drops in 2013 due to their oil spill. The sales did very well too, in 2010 they had $14,00...

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...tion immediately. This solution is a great choice for the company because, first it is the least expensive option out of all three solutions. Second, it will open more job opportunities for many residents who are unemployed and it will help the economy because of more job sources. This is the only solution that assures the safety and protection of the pipes because the situation will be secured as soon as it’s reported. Another reason why this solution is the best selection for the company because the main question is to prevent further spills and damages in the future and luckily managing pipes and providing more security will ensure the upcoming issues of the pipes. For example, one day a small opening in the pipeline is beginning to drain out the oil, the opening will be detected and a siren will wail the mechanic and in a while the whole situation will be solved.

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