Canadian Government’s Compensations for Japanese Canadians Interments in World War Two

Canadian Government’s Compensations for Japanese Canadians Interments in World War Two

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Canadian Government’s Compensations for Japanese Canadians Interments in World War Two

Canadian Government’s Compensations for
Japanese Canadians Interments in World War Two (restitution)
No one would ever think that an apology and a meager amount of money would be sufficient enough to pay back for taking away freedom and rights for several years. Apparently, it appears as Canadian government did. During World War II, Japanese immigrants and Japanese Canadians were denied of their rights as humans and Canadian citizens, and were forced to live in internment camps (Baldwin, 2011). Although the Canadian government has realized its wrong doings to Japanese Canadians and has made attempts for reparation, the formal apologies and compensations made by the Canadian government are not adequate to atone for all the financial, social, and psychological damages that Anti-Japanese policies have caused during World War II.
The Japanese Canadians were financially troubled by the government’s anti-Japanese policies and their impairments were never repaired commensurately even in the years after the war. Under the anti-Japanese policies, Japanese Canadians lost their jobs and properties, including their homes, motor vehicles, and fishing boats (Mollins, 1999). In the beginning of the war, due to the hatred towards Japanese Canadians, many of the Japanese Canadian owned businesses received very little customers and too many disruptions; thus, they had to close down (Hickman & Fukawa, 2011). Also, almost all of Japanese Canadians were fired from their work (Baldwin, 2011). This happening was very predictable, because Japanese Canadians taking over many of the jobs from Canadians and gaining more control over fishing industry in Bri...

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... members. Most of the Japanese Canadians who suffered in the camps became more intimating, having lower self-esteem. These horrible events caused Japanese Canadians to lose their confidence and dignity as Canadian citizens and as humans. The severe violations of birthright led to Japanese Canadians having psychological problems afterwards, which undoubtedly cannot be atoned by an insufficient apology.
In conclusion, Japanese Canadian interments in World War Two have left life-long scars on Japanese Canadians by violating the rights to their properties, rights to build their own social status, and basic human rights. Therefore, in order for Canada to truly recompense for its wrong doings to Japanese Canadians, both the government and the people of Canada should make an appropriate apology with right amount of compensation to cover all the damages caused.

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