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Canada 's Current Electoral System Essay

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The electoral system in Canada has been utilized for over a century, and although it has various strengths which have helped preserve the current system, it also has glaringly obvious weaknesses. In recent years, citizens and experts alike have questioned whether Canada’s current electoral system, known as First Past the Post (FPTP) or plurality, is the most effective system. Although FPTP is a relatively simple and easy to understand electoral system, it has been criticized for not representing the popular vote and favouring regions which are supportive of a particular party. FPTP does have many strengths such as simplicity and easy formation of majority governments, however, its biggest drawback is that it does not proportionally represent voters. Canada should consider reforming its electoral system so that all Canadian’s votes are considered when distributing seats in Parliament. One of the electoral systems that is currently being used in Germany, Mexico, New Zealand, Scotland, and Wales, is the Mixed Member Proportional (MMP) system (Barnes, Lithwick, and Virgint, 2016). This system uses features of the FPTP system, however, it utilizes a second vote for a party to compensate for any out of proportion results which do not match the popular vote. Arguably, Canada should consider reforming its current FPTP system to a MMP system so that Canadian’s votes are more accurately represented in Parliament.
As mentioned previously, First Past the Post (FPTP) has been used in Canadian elections since the Confederation (Barnes, Lithwick, and Virgint, 2016). In Canada, each province and territory are assigned a number of seats in the House of Commons, and in each province different regions are separated into electoral districts or ridin...

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...ed Member Proportional system which utilizes two votes in order to gain better democratic representation in Parliament. The MMP system would eliminate the need to vote strategically, because it allows citizens to have two votes which are independent of one another. Citizens could vote for their favorite candidate and also a party of their choosing, and have a better opportunity of getting represented politically. As mentioned previously, countries such as Germany, Mexico, New Zealand, Scotland, and Wales have already adopted this electoral system successfully. Provincially, attempts have already been made to reform the FPTP system to a MMP system in Ontario and Quebec. Lastly, the MMP system would be a natural system for Canadians to adopt, because it still uses elements of the single-member plurality system which has been a historic aspect of our electoral system.

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