Can You Imagine A World Without Diversity? Essay

Can You Imagine A World Without Diversity? Essay

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Can you imagine a world without diversity? Languages are one of the most diverse aspects of cultures. Whether they identify people of different countries or town, the language and dialect tell a lot about a person. French is one of these diverse languages that is spoken by millions of people around the world. Learning French not only has the obvious advantage of being able to speak to people from France, its significance reaches beyond France. Learning French has impacted my life because it will help me if I ever need to travel and there is a high possibility with my major; being able to speak French will look good on my resume and give me a better chance of getting a job. It has also increased my cultural awareness and that is important for being a religious studies major. French is a global language and it is important to learn it.
There are millions of people who speak French around the world. According to University of Tennessee-Martin’s Department of Modern Foreign Languages 200 million people speak French. These 200 million French speakers are spread out over every continent from roughly two million speakers in Asia and Oceania to 136.8 million in Europe ( 2015). This means that it is possible to find French speakers no matter where you travel.
I am a religious studies major and I will most likely travel to a foreign country at some point in my career. By knowing French, I will have an easier time getting around and talking to people that I might encounter during my travels. Not needing to rely on a translator will be a major help with traveling. Anyone who might want to travel at some point in their lives would benefit from studying French. Another way that knowing how to speak French will aid me in the fu...

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...s. And if my paper has done anything, I hope that it has convinced you that there are many benefits to learning a language and studying French.
Studying French is more important than ever. Not only do you get the experience of learning another language, but it can improve many aspects of your life. Learning French can enhance your traveling since there are millions of French speakers around the world. Your chances of getting a job are much higher if French is on your resume. Finally you learn to open your mind to other cultures and experiences when you study a foreign language. In a world of terrorism and hate for other people is rampant, understanding and appreciating other cultures and religions is a vital skill. You will be surprised what can happen when you immerse yourself in a culture and language and realize how much of your culture that you take for granted.

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