Mexican Culture And Mexican Culture

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Exposure Being part of a world where you are exposed to many cultures is interesting. Every country has its own traditions that may be viewed as abnormal in other countries. For instance, in a specific country there is a tradition where beauty is seen through the numbers of rings a women wears around their neck. The rings women wear around their neck cause their neck to stretch. For some people who follow this tradition women with longer necks are perceived as beautiful. In eastern Burma this tradition is normal, but in other countries this is different. People can be different from one another because they have different beliefs, foods, and taste in music. In today’s society, there…show more content…
I have always been exposed to Mexican culture and feel influenced by their culture. When people are exposed to a particular culture their identities are shaped according to their experience. While growing up people form their identities based on their experiences. At a young age people are taught how they will think and how they will act. “In The End of Race: Hawaii and the Mixing of People”, Steven Olson states “The German kids taught the other kids to polka in the camp social halls. The Japanese kids taught their friends sumo wrestling,” (339)… This shows that children from different nationalities have developed their own ways of having fun. All nationalities have different traditions, which means their definition of fun varies. People get to learn from one another based on how they were raised when they were young. There is some people that have their dislikes and likes from what they experience from other cultures. As…show more content…
Being part of a multi-cultural world brings people together and allows them to learn new things from one another. Exposure to diversity gives people ways to distinguish themselves from others beliefs. One way people can be influenced by culture is through forming friendships. This is true because friends spend time with each other’s families. Exposed to new things may lead people to adapting new ideas and values. Learning other cultures make it more confrontable to be surrounded by a diverse group. Sometimes people could become accustomed by their friends culture and begin to speak like them. Language is very important because sometimes it sticks with you. In the end, people are always different from one another because they have different cultural background. Whether if their language changes the person is still going to know where they stand in the world. Everyone builds their identities by the way they were raised and what they were tough as they were growing up. Sometimes people assume that they are the same, but our differences are

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