Can Poverty Be Fixed? Essay

Can Poverty Be Fixed? Essay

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Can Poverty Be Fixed? That would depend which camp you are from, and which statistical figures you believe. Those who are members of the International Monetary Fund seem to think that it is possible in our lifetime or sooner. It would not be an easy task to achieve such a daunting endeavor, but they and many within the professional, and medical communities believe that for the first time in history, we have the means to do just that; end the cycle of poverty.
“Recently at a news conference of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank Jim Yong Kim MD, PhD, held up a sign to his audience with the year “2030” written on it. This is it, he said. “This is the global target to end poverty (Lowrey, 2013). Kim is an American physician who took over as president of the World Bank in 2012.
It seems really ambitious or really far-fetched nonsense. But in actuality, for the first time in history, advances in technology have made it a possibility.
It starts with the World Bank. “The World Bank aims to everyone above the $1.25-a-day income threshold; the bare minimum level cost of living required surviving” (Lowrey, 2013). This level would be enough to eat and drink, but not much else. In fact the average person existing on this today would not be able to afford extras, such as transportation to a source of work, or put a roof over their heads. It also does not consider the extras that make it possible to lift one’s self out of poverty; such things as a bicycle, a pale to carry water from a well, or shoes on their feet. Such items are extras that are considered to be luxury items by poor standards. “The 1.2 billion people live in extreme poverty. They might own land, but they are not likely to own durable goods that might help them ra...

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...n the road primarily because health risks would decrease.
There are many really good ideas that could be instituted to reduce or eliminate homelessness. From housing, to health, and education, removing the homeless populations into more stable and safer environments would benefit societies and municipalities. I could spark investment and raise overall standards of living. The greatest of these is education. We have learned a great deal from organizations, such as the Gates Foundation, as it pertains to health and welfare of humans.

The year 2030 is not very far away. Dr. Kim proposes ending all poverty by then. What a mammoth expenditure of energy that will take in such a relative short time. But given the ideas, resources, and technologies that rich nations have developed, he is not far off from the reality that poverty can be reduced by then, if not our lifetime.

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