Can Business Ethics Be Taught At A Classroom Environment? Essay

Can Business Ethics Be Taught At A Classroom Environment? Essay

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“What is right is right, even if no one is doing it. What is wrong is wrong, even if everyone is doing it.”
-Source Unknown

Can business ethics be taught in a classroom environment? Recent corporate scandal, many business school have offered more ethics and corporate responsibility courses. The American people have lost faith in corporate American and their primary responsibility to increase shareholders value. In 2007, an article in Fortune Magazine “Business is Back” stated “the shaming is over. The 5 1/2-year humiliation of American business following the tech bubble 's burst and the Lay-Skilling-Fastow-Ebbers-Kozlowski-Scrushy perp walks that will forever define an era has run its course. After the pounding and the ridicule, penance has finally been done. No longer despised by the public, increasingly speaking up and taking stands, beloved again by investors, chastened and much changed--business is back.” (Colvin, 2007)

Adding ethic courses to curriculum is not going to ensure that ethical behavior is going to virtuous. Teaching business ethics, fails to create a false antagonism between social responsibility and profitability. The focus doesn’t need to be on the institution ability to add ethical coursework to its curriculum but, they need to take a closer look at the character and behavior of why people behave unethically and understand how that can be emphasized not on additional ethics course but incorporating moral psychology
Immanuel Kant argued that the categorical imperative is the basis for determining if ones actions are ethically correct so that it can be accepted into universal law. He believed that the highest duty one can have is the ability to act in “good will” no matter what action was taken the in...

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...a moral obligation to not only develop them academically but morally as well. Those students that have been exposed to business ethics in some cases have positive impact on the business world. In my viewpoint, introducing laws, ethical codes, and rules as applied to reasoning theories, help students to recognize an ethical dilemma when it arises and gives them the ability to deal with accordly.
With all of the unethical behavior by businesses over the years have taught educators that instilling ethics needs to be a core concept that should be an integral part of all college curriculum. However, people opinion regarding the ability of ethics being taught is still left to be widely debated. Ethics curriculum will not change how people will behave morally but, it does equip them with the tools to guide to deal with ethical decisions in both business and in life.

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