Essay on Campus Sexual Assault Is A Problem

Essay on Campus Sexual Assault Is A Problem

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Every semester, a student attending a college campus will have at some point experience some inappropriate, unwanted attention. There is always someone at school who tends to make someone uncomfortable, be it through eye contact, persistent advances, or just uncalled for innuendos. Of course, we do our best to ignore it, or to just report the bothersome activity, but that can only do so much without someone finding a way around such things. Someone is always going the extra mile to get what he or she wants, even if it’s at the expense of the victim. We can’t turn a blind eye on our friends, our family, or our associates in these dark, sexual assault situation. Campus sexual assault is a problem with plenty of factors regarding it.
Statistics indicate that, regarding the ones who’re being sexually assaulted, about 20-25% of the victims were undergraduate females. As shocking as this is, that is well almost ¼ of females attending colleges. Now, here’s the kicker; 90% of the same female victims of these atrocious crimes against these victims, don’t even report their assaults; If they would at least report them, then there would be less victimizers roaming free. Sadly, that’s not the case – Studies have shown that college men would indefinitely rape someone, only if they could be given absolute assurance that they would never be caught. People shouldn’t be as trusting as they are around college guys, being that they have no idea that this would probably happen to them, had the probability of being caught was the way it is. The circle of violence between the victims, who typically don’t report their tragic misfortunes of sexual assault, and the sexual assaulters who due to the lack of reporting, have this “I’m-not-going-to-get-caught”...

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... We all have the means and capability to make a change in this world for the better of sexual assault. Whether it be reporting the incident, the victim retelling his or her story to those who’ll listen, or forming groups against any mean of sexual assault. This would greatly help indeed, but take this into consideration; what will happen if such a thing were never to be done? That being the case, we would more than likely suffer in the long run for having much more campus attenders being violated and sexually assaulted. Especially for our known individuals who’re attending schools for semesters; we’re basically saying that we could care less about the wellbeing of our friends, family, and associates who are by themselves on campuses; that if they get sexually assaulted, it’ll be their own faults. In actuality, the fault will have been ours. We don’t want that, do we?

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