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I am combining notes and info from the meeting with Joe/Tom and the other meeting that we had with Brad.

Outstanding Issues:
Audio Quality drops
This was brought up first by both Joe and later by Brad. Volume control has become a persistent problem since the introduction of AGC. This needs to be investigated if there is a problem with the distance model of OpenAL with AGC or some other factor that is causing them not to play nicely together.
Regions/Channels problems: This has been going on all week between Joe and Vivox. It seems that with the recent update that channels in regions are not coalescing properly and are causing channel drops. This is being worked on and did not come up in the meeting on Tuesday but since then it has escalated.

Viewer 2.1 and future plans:
Viewer 2.1 is being called the “Social Update”
Voice Fonts are confirmed and committed to but deployment is still in question:
-Deployment options
Linden: Free for Premium users to follow the model established by new Homes. Homes have been a success for Linden, stopping the loss of Premium subscriptions(stable and now rising at 80k) with almost 20k built and deployed. They have also been a huge boon for the economy since now people need to outfit their homes with furniture, artwork and whatever.
Free for Premium and then “a la carte” for the general population via the HUD. This is how we could roll out the feature to the general pop and also deliver new fonts to the Premium members
Speaker Phone is not committed to but being evaluated as a possibility. The avenue to deliver this could still be our HUD since Linden has not corrected their internal issues with billing. If we provided this feature via the HUD we could charge by L$ and f...

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... for the HUD. All of Linden’s work seems to be focused on Premium users and will therefore be a free upgrade to them covered by their premium subscription. We could offer all those services directly to the general population and also use it as a tool to help Linden promote the Premium package. Linden has not solved their billing problems and has not committed to any launch date for the new billing service. Until Linden launches a new billing backend we will be unable to charge for services/features via the Viewer and must use an external device such as the HUD.

Sorry for the delay there was a lot of info and hopefully I captured it all. I am also planning on heading up to Linden soon to meet with Brad and marketing people in order to start to sort out potential options for the HUD and what sort of marketing exposure/support we can get from Linden.

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