Business Analysis Of Honeywell International Inc. Essay

Business Analysis Of Honeywell International Inc. Essay

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Part II: Financial Analysis
Section 1: Business Analysis
Honeywell International Inc.
(see also, attached Excel spreadsheet)
Honeywell International Inc. operates as a technology and manufacturing company all over the world. It is an American multinational company that produces a large variety of commercial and consumer products, as well as engineering and aerospace systems for major companies and international governments. It is a Fortune 100 company, and in 2012 was listed as number 77 in the Fortune 500 America ranking.
Honeywell history can go back more than 125 years. The company was started in 1885 when an inventor named Albert Butz patented the furnace regulator and alarm, which later developed into what we now know as the modern thermostat. In 1927, Butz merged his company (now called Minneapolis Heat Regulator Company) with Honeywell Specialty Co. The company continued to grow, acquire other divisions and develop scientific innovations that it is known for today. Today, they are a company with a global workforce of approximately 132,000 employees across the world.
The official listed industry of Honeywell International, Inc. is “conglomerate,” as it is a large company with holdings in multiple separate industries. The most recognizable of Honeywell’s products are their round home thermostats, as well as their turbo chargers for high-performance automobiles. However, Honeywell also has products and services in the industries of Aerospace, Automation and Control Solutions, and Performance Materials and technologies.
The company’s overall year-end revenues for last December were approximately 40.3 million dollars and if projections and overall trends are accurate, this company can expect continued, sustained growth.. Hone...

... middle of paper ...

...iplier. Profit margin (10.50) and Asset turnover (0.89) can both be found in the valuation spreadsheet above, and the equity multiplier (or leverage) can be calculated by dividing total assets over total equity, as in below. However, it is also possible to determine leverage algebraically by using the numbers in the above spreadsheet.
Leverage for 2014 is approximately 2.55, Honeywell company leverage ratios measure been going down since 2011that means the company is getting less reliant on debt financing. There is another measure of company’s financial health is getting better by the year. The more debt a company has, the riskier its stock is, since creditors have the first priority to claim a company’s assets, then there won’t be any assets left over for the stockholders that could a bad for the stock holders. Debt can be good, but it can be costly for a company.

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