The Burke-Litwin Model Essay

The Burke-Litwin Model Essay

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“Change is hard because people overestimate the value of what they have and underestimate the value of what they may gain by giving that up.”

The Burke-Litwin Model
What is it?
According to Burke (2011), The Burke-Litwin Model was the result of some studies on organizational climate conducted by George Litwin and others in the 1960s. Around the 1980s was the time when the model started to develop because Burke and Litwin started to work with some companies that were going through some changes, the worked with Citibank at first and then with the British Airways.
The model is composed of 12 boxes that are made of variables that they believe are the most important variables for an organization. This model is divided in top and bottom half. The top half is known for concentrating on things that happen on the external environment and is made of 5 boxes which are external environment, mission and strategy, individual and organizational performance, organization culture, and in the center is the Leadership box. The bottom half is known for focusing on the internal environment made of 8 boxes which are managements practices, structure, task requirements and individual skills/abilities, individual and organizational performance, individual needs and values, systems, and in the center will be two boxes, work unit climate, and motivation.
Why is it important?
The Burke-Litwin Model is important because it focuses on both internal and external environments making it easier to find how performance is being affected by those two factors. The external environment, the top half of the model, is also referred as the transformational factor by the fact that any changes that occur in those boxes are normally caus...

... middle of paper ..., she will approach them and tell the customer she is the manager and she is willing to give them a discount if they buy the shoes right at the moment. This example shows that even though she is the manager, she is also there for her employees and using her power to help them.
How will the author use it?
The author plans on opening up a nightclub. The author will then be the owner and the one that runs things. This position gives her a lot of power over others, but knowing how to use all the power the author has is what is going to make her successful. The author likes to keep a relationship with the people she works, telling people what to do all the time is not how the author likes to run things, she is more of a charismatic leader. “Leadership is about influence, not command or control” (Burke,2011, p. 255), this explains what the author believes.

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