“No two people regard the world in exactly the same way.”

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In other words, no two individuals look at the life the same manner. I agree with this quotation. Maggie Johnson from Maggie: a Girl of the Street by Stephen Crane and Kino from The Pearl by John Steinbeck demonstrate this idea. Life could change for the good because of money and then you would be happy, but that was not the case your life changes to sadness and death. Maggie, the protagonist, lives in a slum on the lower East side of the Bowery in NYC. She lives in the tenement housing with her mother, Mary and her brother, Jimmie. It’s the turn of the 18th century and this Irish immigrant family is poor. Mary is a drunk and her brother, Jimmie drinks and fights with everyone. Maggie doesn’t go to school because everybody has to work. She works in the sweatshop, sewing clothes. Her life is filled with poverty and gloom. Maggie meets Pete and she is impressed that Pete wears nice outfits. Pete likes her too. He takes her to the live theater plenty of times. She’s sees his clothing as a symbol of wealth and that he takes her out to places where she never been before. She sees Pete and the money he spends on her as a way out of her dreary life. She leaves her home and goes to live with Pete to have a better life. She thinks he loves her, but she has gone to devil. Soon after Pete meets Nellie and he dumps Maggie. She has nowhere to go and so she goes home. Her family doesn’t allow her to come back. Mary tells her she is a disgrace and they ridicule her in front of all the neighbors. Even the little children are warned to stay away from her. Maggie leaves with nowhere to go. Pete tells her not to bother him; he doesn’t love her, now he’s in love with Nellie. No one is kind to her and so she begins to walk the streets. She turns to... ... middle of paper ... ...om the other character as she behaved badly with her family including her mother, who kicked her out because she thought that she had gone to the devil. She feels depressed that she leaves home peacefully and finds Pete to go out with him to the theater. On the other hand, Juana displays bravery that she warns Kino that the pearl turns evil. So as she trying to throw it away, Kino fights Juana because he thinks it worth a lot of money. Unlike Maggie, who took on her situation quietly, Juana takes action to attempt to save the world. Both characters face problems in their lives. However, Maggie reacts quietly while Juana speaks up which truly embodies the quotation that people react differently to the world. Between these two characters, I like Juana’s behavior better because she’s trying to save the world. As a result, Maggie’s wickedness behavior can upset people.

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