Bullying Laws Vs. States That Have Infidelity Laws Essay

Bullying Laws Vs. States That Have Infidelity Laws Essay

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Running Head: Infidelity 6
States that Have Infidelity Laws Vs States that don’t have Infidelity Laws. Is There a Decrease in Those States that Have Infidelity Laws?
Codes to a Relationship
Ownen, Rohades, and Stanley compared sliding and deciding that occur in relationships. This article was written in 2013 under the Journal of Couple and Relationship Therapy. The Procedure of this article took place in the United States within different cities and states. This article depicts on what relationships consist of and what format should be consist in relationships that could remove Adultery. According to Sliding Versus Deciding in Relationships Quality, Commitment, and Infidelity, “The sample was based on 252 men and women, the results showed that regardless of relationship status, those who reported more thoughtful decision-making processes also reported more dedication to their partners, higher satisfaction with the relationship, and fewer extradyadic involvements.” In a marriage that consist of an established foundation, the couples tend to be more committed due to the fact they take quality time to get to no one another; while in sliding relationship their focus is on sex, money or a lack of commitment takes place because the individual is not looking for a long-term relationship.
Uniform Code of Military Justice
An Affair To Remember: The State of the Crime of Adultery in the Military noted, “In 2008, a court-martial convicted nineteen-year Navy supply officer Lieutenant Commander Syneeda Penland of adultery and she was sentenced to sixty days in the brig. Under military law, adultery is a crime under Article 134 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). In fact, the majority of States have now decriminalized adu...

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..., Douglas Huenergardt, Carmen Knudson-Martin, and Kirstee Williams. This scholarly article was introduced in July of 2013 into the Journal of Martial and Family Therapy. The task within this journal is to find healing through therapeutic sessions that would eventually led to a stronger relationship and a strong bond within the marriage. According to Toward Mutual Support: A Task Analysis of the Relational Justice Approach to Infidelity, “Researchers discovered couple’s 25-57 years old that came from different ethnicities like Caucasian, Korean or East Indian conducted a study on who were more likely to be involved in infidelity.” The study found that men were more prone to become in infidelity compared to women. The overall results is that couple were willing to reconcile, heal, become mutual partners, and work together to build a legacy.

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