Bullying: A Force That Must Be Stopped Essay

Bullying: A Force That Must Be Stopped Essay

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Bullies are looked upon as vestibules of unhealthy tendencies while also harboring deep seeded emotions including anger and hatred. Feelings of anger and hatred can force a person down a path of darkness that only leads one way; into the pit of self-destruction. In present times, these destructive acts can cause a child to become a relic of pain and sullenness; all of these emotions create a bully. “Bullying is commonly defined as a specific type of aggressive behavior that involves intent to cause harm, occurs repeatedly, and involves a power imbalance.” (Hunt, Peters, and Rapee 156) This aggressive behavior has been constantly studied over the past ten years due to an increase in abnormal tendencies in children and teenagers. Three different categories of bullying exist, “…direct physical bullying, direct verbal bullying, and indirect bullying in which the person or group of persons doing the bullying is not necessarily identified.” (Hunt, Peters, and Rapee 156) All three of these menaces need to be put at halt as much as possible, for if they are allowed to run amuck all that will be produced is chaos. The responsibility of stopping a bully falls upon the teachers and staff members who are charged with ensuring the safety and security of students, and the only possible strategy to stop bullying is to ensure these people are always attentive and aware of their student’s life in the school environment.
Easily one the most noticeable type of bullying that exists is the direct and physical approach. More often than not, a bully will physically approach the victim on a daily basis; whether it occurs in the hall, the lunchroom, or after hours. Interestingly enough, an instance of bullying is almost never reported to a teacher or s...

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