Essay on Building System Of The Fire Protection Standards

Essay on Building System Of The Fire Protection Standards

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During the stepping stones leading to the creation or existence in the fire protection

safety process relating to the fire sprinkler systems we have come a long way of understanding

why this component is one of the most productive concept when it comes to saving lives and the

protection of property along with environmental standards involving safety (Klaus, 2013). In

today’s society in the residential and commercial sectors of any industry building system of our

environment sprinklers system have been placed in all operational functions in a structural

concept to ensure that fire protection standards (NFPA 13) are meet according to code to protect

occupants in the rooms of fire derivation (NFPA, 2014). The NFPA 13D standard for

installation of sprinkler system was developed in 1973, by the Committee of Automatic

Sprinklers to evaluate the plausible contact of using sprinklers to reduce/hinder the incidences

which leads to death or injury from a deadly fire (NFPA, 2014)? Fire sprinklers are widely used

in society realm as one of the most effective method /technique that is the leading force behind

fighting the spread of dangerous flames in their early stages of development, before it blazes can

cause severe injury to anyone involved along with damage to property (Klaus, 2013). Fire

sprinkler systems have had a drastic influence in the stages of developmental process of creating

structural buildings residential or commercial. Any building or dwelling which has a fire

sprinkler system installed within the floor plans is consider to be more to be safer and also more

reliable when it come to the concept of fire safety in society.
This particular article dealing with an extensive study of...

... middle of paper ...

...aining to fire

protection along with giving the same information/data except for certain concepts worded

differently. The information from the article also help me to understand the full concept of why

there are provisions, codes, standards of inspections and maintenances which should be

followed so that fire sprinkler system along with its components are functioning/operating

properly in the event of a emergency. The data retrieved from the article that I summarized

support all of the accumulating data, plans, models and calculations entangle with the

information in my textbook. I my opinion the author could have did a little more research in the

actual field of study by going to different industries to investigate the actual overall eye to eye

concept of seeing the problem first hand rather than doing test in labs on an experimental aspect.

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