Building Our Own Utopia Essay

Building Our Own Utopia Essay

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Since humanity, a perfect place has always been imagined and tried. Although there have been many places that have attempted this type of community, none have ever been close to a Utopia. Nevertheless, my group will defeat this challenge and simulate the flawless country. Echo will be like nothing ever seen before. It will be a place where people will have the freedom of a democracy, the order of a dictatorship, the understanding of a direct democracy, and the equality of communism. Arcadia will thrive with advanced understanding of science, technology, and mathematics. Countries will face us with awe and desire of our technology, and concern of the world. Our country will be the place where philosophers, scientists, and other geniuses will flock to our nation.
To begin with, our country will be settled in a few islands in the Americas below the Tropic of Capricorn, to the side of Uruguay. This will allow our country to have a tropical climate to the north and a winter climate to the south. The main island will be the longer than wider similar to New Zealand, and will have the length of six hundred kilometers with the width of one hundred kilometers. This means the country would be similar to the width of Chile, and around 1/6 of the length of Chile. (Wikipedia, Chile) The shape of the island, on the other hand, will be curved to look like a C. To the open side of the C-shaped island, two smaller Islands will protect the mainland from any strong, viscous waves. The islands will both have a similar length of one hundred kilometers by a width of fifty kilometers. In between the two islands, a space of one hundred kilometers allows boats, and trade to go in and out of the large island. In the middle of the three islands...

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...rt will only take an hour from the farthest city because of the high-speed trains. This airport will offer flights to everywhere across the world with more than twenty airlines to travel from.
In conclusion, our country would be the greatest and most eco-friendly nation due to the fact that neither fossil fuels nor nuclear energy is used. Communication would be a large part of our lives, but Utopia will also include human interaction and less social media. Transportation would not be a problem with the many ways of getting to places, and busy workers would arrive to their destinations in a jiffy. In addition, the country's location would allow import and export to North and South America. This technology, and understanding is why Echo will be the ideal place to live in, and why people from all over the world would like to be inhabitants of our beautiful nation.

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