Bringing The Woman From Behind The Man Essay

Bringing The Woman From Behind The Man Essay

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Bringing the woman from behind the man

In history, women were looked at as property. They were not given the same rights as men until about thirty to forty years ago. Women began to test the idea of how they were expected to act in the early 1900’s, pushing for reformation for equal rights. F. Scott Fitzgerald’s writing, while lyrical and eloquent, represents quite well the ideals of his time. Men are always his main characters, while the women are supporting characters that are ultimately to blame for the male’s downfall. Fitzgerald’s downplay of female characters is evident in “Tender is the Night”.
“Tender is the Night”, a nouvelle written in the 1930’s by F. Scott Fitzgerald, is a piece of literature, like many of his works, that portrays the idea of the “flapper” in its most ideal sense. His main characters were mainly successful males that would fall in love, only to later have that love be his tragic downfall. Fitzgerald’s female characters were often written in as disposable and minor details to the main characters life, but if you take a closer look they brought about the exact image that he wanted for them. F. Scott Fitzgerald distinguished himself above other authors with his lyrical writing about insane parties, binge drinking, and looser sexual inhibitions, portraying “young girls who smoked cigarettes, drank cocktails and allowed themselves to be kissed by lots of boys” (Dardis 101). John Chamberlain agrees that the women in the novel are disposable in his 1934 review that said “Rosemary was evidently intended to be meaningless in herself” (97) and was only there to begin the “predictable” downfall of the Diver family.
The youth of the 1920’s, under the influence of jazz music, alcohol, and a rapid increase in t...

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...y opposition to them” (Fitzgerald, Tender 63). They have the strength and knowledge to not conform to the identities created through the men they are involved with, but to rather create their own identities. Divorce was very looked down upon during that era, and the fact that Nicole had the courage to tell Dick that her and her children deserved better and left him is astonishingly strong.
F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “Tender is the Night” portrayed the image and idea of how woman were and how they should act during his era. After decades of fight and struggle, woman today have the luxury to speak their mind and be brought from behind their man. While a very eloquent writer, Fitzgerald blames the women far too much, and should find else where to blame. Women of each generation had their form of strength and knowledge, doing what was and is best for them and their children.

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