Essay on BRCC Property Recommendations

Essay on BRCC Property Recommendations

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Bluegrass Rape Crisis Center’s (BRCC) is a non-profit organization that “strives to eradicate sexual assault and abuse by promoting individual and community empowerment through education, training, and therapeutic healing.” The Lexington office serves as the headquarters for the organization. BRCC owns their current location and does not have any mortgage on the property. BRCC serves a 17 county area with a population of over 700,000 people. Currently the Lexington office is located in downtown Lexington in a historic house that has been renovated into office space. The location serves several purposes. Part of the facility is dedicated to the workers in the form of office space, storage, and a reception area. The other part of the facility is dedicated to the crisis center's visitors. There is a formal meeting room used for counseling as well as an informal meeting room where group meetings and education classes are held. BRCC’s staff continues to grow as does the number of people BRCC serves each year. Several problems have been identified by staff members at BRCC regarding their current location. The largest problem is that the house is simply too small to accommodate the growing needs of BRCC. The historic house is roughly 5000 square feet. Offices have become cramped, and hallways are being used as storage areas. There is no reception area and visitors have a hard time finding which office they are supposed to go to while at BRCC. The entrance to the building is the front door, which is kept locked at all times. Handicapped visitors must use the rear entrance to the building because it is the only handicap accessible entrance to the building. The level of service BRCC provides has becom...

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