Brazilian National Films: The City of God Essay

Brazilian National Films: The City of God Essay

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If you run, the buck catches; if you stay, the buck eats
The City of God is one of the greatest Brazilian national films of all time. This film is an amazing piece of art. A huge part of the success was observed in terms of the narrative, genre and values. However, the genres features could possibly be the themes of the film and the fears and concerns of the characters are very specific to their sceneries. The film conquered its goal in showing the poverty involving the shantytowns of Rio de Janeiro and the madness that accompanies it. One thing that the film relied deeply on was the complex narrative structure and the artificial of cinematic techniques. The way society has reacted in this industrialized world has drawn concern about whether the poverty and destruction of the non-developed world can be used as an imaginative product. This paper pursues the examination of urban slum and physical environment, urban crime with youth gangs and the importance of education.
A source of culture involves the meaning of a group of people who collaborate the same purpose. In the film the audience sees it as an extraordinary interpretation of the people. The residents of the Rio poverty became the most popular part of the entire nation in Brazil. It is one of the largest cities on the planet and is seen as one of the most known areas but not in a good way. In the film global affairs was covered during the entire film. The concept of power and registers over their own lives and irrelevant in this case. The people who give the real meaning of culture seen to be left out from making verdicts. When the movie opens, the use of flash shots which starts with chicken slaughter, stripping its feathers shows that the people are running their normal...

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... movie that people are not used to. Although it has created relevant critics it is a piece of art that is relevant to what many societies are facing in the modern world. The themes, education and violence throughout the film were illustrated precisely. Gang violence is growing day by day, but no one in our society was aware of how dangerous some areas can be around the world until the movie was dispersed. Rocket is a character that sets hope into the slums. His surroundings and education was filled with nothing and he ended up succeeding regardless. This film gives society an open mind that even with the devastating gang tragedies we face every day, there are people who still do the right thing. He did not have to join a gang to fit in or make a living financially. He just had a hobby, and that was photography.

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Week 12-13 Readings: Street Children

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