Brave New World : The Perfect Society Created Through The Power Of Science And Technology

Brave New World : The Perfect Society Created Through The Power Of Science And Technology

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Brave New World: The Perfect Society Created Through the Power of Science and Technology
The knowledge of advanced technology and science, causes (any society to become powerful) the society in Brave New World to become powerful. In Aldous Huxley’s best seller, Brave New World, the society revolves around the usage of science, it is integrated into the lives of all individuals. The society’s ambition is the growth in technology; this is the one goal the citizens of Brave New World are concerned with. The foundation of the society is science; it is integrated into the lives of all individuals. Therefore, the effect of technological advancement affects all; this is beneficial to controlling the citizens and to establish the ideal society. All individuals are decanted by engineers; this is the preproduction of humans in a test tube. The citizens are also conditioned by scientists and are abusers of the drug soma. The use of technology in Brave New World is integrated into the individual’s lives to create a perfect society, by the engineered production of humans, the conditioning of infants, and the use of soma.
The use of technology in Brave New World is integrated into society’s lives, specifically the engineered production of humans, the conditioning of infants, and the use of soma to create a perfect society.
Firstly, the perfect society is aimed by the advancement of technology and how it benefits the engineered production of humans. Engineers and scientists in Brave New World produce individuals in the strongest form to improve the quality of life, "that 's because [they] don 't allow them to be like that. [They] preserve them from diseases. [They] keep their internal secretions artificially balanced at a youthful equilibrium” ...

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...scientists found in Brave New World written by Aldous Huxley, use their knowledge of science and technology to create the perfect society in the civilized world. The mass production of individuals, the conditioning of infants and the use of soma, are all developed by engineers using the latest technology to ultimately create the ideal society. The advanced knowledge of technology provided the engineers to successfully mass produce infants, and to condition them with different personalities. Likewise, soma, the scientifically made drug, helps end the citizen’s undesirable emotions and to supply it with happiness. Without the intelligence of the advanced technology, the society in Brave New World would not be an ideal civilization. Ultimately, the knowledge of science and technology in 2016 (this century) will advance to a possible society similar to Brave New World.

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