Both Moral and Intellectual Education for Women are Essential Essay

Both Moral and Intellectual Education for Women are Essential Essay

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When men are asked about the characteristics of an ideal woman or girlfriend, what will they say? A survey was done by a television show in China. They randomly pick some men on the street and ask them about the ideal girlfriend in their mind. According to the survey, there are forty-five percent men think that an ideal partner should be a good, ethical wife and mother. This is the most common and popular requirement. Another thirty-two precent men required for the characteristics such as femininity, gentle, and amiable; ten percent men wanted thrifty and like-minded women. Yet, beauty, intelligence, high education, and successful career are minor issues in the result of the survey. (Yi) Agreed with Arthur Brisbane's saying, knowledge and education is necessary and meaningful for women. As shown in the result, there are still a small percent of men who eagerly want a highly educated wife. Not only in this survey, but also in the real life, people seem to care more about their first sight and feeling of a woman, which would be her moral behavior, and not her intelligence level. There is no doubt that education in general is essential for women, but if you go specific, women's moral education weights more than intellectual education.
The influence of women's moral education started early in the history. Chinese early moral education of women was about obedience and staying lower in position, and of course, other morally favorable behaviors such as being honest and humane. In the palace, older female servants trained the younger ones how to behave properly in front of the emperor, in order to avoid torture and death. They were not allowed to look straight into the nobles' eyes while talking to them; they also could not turn their...

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...a woman's moral education through their ways to eat, sit, stand, and talk. Didn't your mother warn you that don't make noise while having soup? Especially if you are a girl, you ought to behave as a lady. All of these behavior rule from your mother are come from their moral education, and, hopefully, you will pass these moral habits on to your children. Education in general, which means both moral and intellectual education for women is influential and important. Additionally, women deserve more moral education because that makes better women, better children, and eventually, better society.

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