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Booleography: George Boole Essay

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Numerous computer databases today use the Boolean logic as the basics of querying databases. Many computer users imagine that Boolean logic was introduced close to the time when computers were invent. In fact, this genius idea was created by man named George Boole a century before computers were used. It is very helpful to understand the background and theory behind the Boolean logic, because this logic is pragmatic of today’s computer science and information technology “world”.
George Boole was an English mathematician born in an industrial town of Lincoln, England back in 1815. One may say, “Boole was born in the wrong time, in the wrong place, and definitely in the wrong class” (Redshaw). George Boole did not receive formal higher education, but luckily, he was self-taught by his father who possessed a passion for mathematics. At the age of eight Boole outgrew his father’s wings and had shown a natural gift for mathematics and inquisitive for education.
George Boole was the son of John Boole, a cobbler who neglected his business for the interests of mathematics and the application of mathematics in scientific instruments. Because of John’s negligence to his business for mathematics, the decline of his business had a serious effect on his son’s future (Encyclopedia). George was not able to attend the prestigious schools. He first attended school in Lincoln at the age of two. His early instructions for mathematics was taught by his father. He later turned to learning languages from learning languages from a local bookseller to self-taught German and French. His academic strive did not end there. (Stanley) In 1830, peerless Boole at the age of 14, translated a Greek poem printed in a local paper. However the occasion provok...

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... operators are the opposite of the way we use these words in our daily life. People who have not been exposed to the theory of Boolean logic may not use the terms properly and the system may not be able to interpret their queries.
(Korfhage, 1997). A study done in Hawaii by Diane Nahl and Violet Harada (Tenopir, 1997) found that students often confused the operators, completely neglected to use them, omitted necessary concepts when using "and," and added unnecessary items in their queries. They believe, however, that Boolean searching may be more precise, if beginners learn to use the system to their advantage. Nahl and Harada recommend teaching "Boolean thinking" and to encourage students to understand how search engines apply Boolean logic (Tenopir, 1997).

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