Essay on The Book ' The Stranger '

Essay on The Book ' The Stranger '

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It was raining, as it tends to do in Boone. A panicked girl sat down at the college street circle to wait for the bus, clutching her laptop to her chest. The main page pulled up on the laptop was a form that would allow her to declare her major. The only problem? She had no idea what she wanted to do. As her internal screaming continued, a stranger sat down next to her on the cold stone bench.
“Why do you look like you’re headed to the electric chair?” the stranger asked teasingly.
“I’m being forced to choose what I want to do with the rest of my life when I had to ask to go the bathroom about a year and a half ago.” The girl replied, turning towards the stranger.
“That seems to be a touch dramatic, given the fact you can easily change your major at any point.” The stranger quipped, raising their eyebrow.
The girl sighed in frustration, shifting on the bench. “Well, what do you do?”
“I‘m a librarian at the school.” Came the response
“What made you want to do that?”
“Nothing, really. I just kind of fell into it.” The librarian replied, crossing her legs.
“That’s the problem! I don’t have the patience to just wait for the right job to come to me. I need to be good at whatever I am doing, I’ve been that way since I was little.” The girl exclaimed.
“For example?” the librarian asked.
Oh what the hell, why not tell your story to a stranger?
“When I was about fourteen my mom and me made a deal where I would cook and clean the house, in exchange for what she would pay for a housekeeper. She didn’t have the time to clean and cook anymore. She had just finished getting her masters degree and was staring to work full time, not just on the weekends as she had been doing previously. Learning to cook was probably the most frustrating thing ...

... middle of paper ... my major? Being stubborn isn’t exactly a major offered at Appalachian.”
The Librarian looked up to the sky as it poured down on them, praying to whatever deities listening for strength to deal with this. “But there are plenty of fields that require one to be stubborn. You just need to combine your stubbornness with whatever things you like and that could help you choose a major.”
The girl raised an eyebrow as the librarian continued, “You could be a teacher, they require a certain stubbornness to get the information they’re teaching in their students heads.”
The librarian pursed her lips thoughtfully, “You just need to choose a major you know you’re going to stubbornly stick with.”
The girl nodded slowly, “I guess I get it.” She responded as the bus began to roll into the station. “This is my bus, thanks for your help I think.”
“No problem.” The librarian said.

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