The Book Of Genesis : Creation Of Mankind And The Earth Essay

The Book Of Genesis : Creation Of Mankind And The Earth Essay

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The overall theme of the chapter 1-4 in the book of Genesis is creation depicts in detail the creation of mankind and the creation of the sin. Revealing the truths and providing many Christians with the answer to their questions regarding suffering, evolution, spirituality, temptation, and the idea that men need women to survive and vice versa.
The interpretation of creation in the book of Genesis gives us insight and certainty that not only did God form the heavens and the earth and all that exists but an in detail play by play of the actual process. This evidence provides non fictional historical facts that counter human speculation. With the creation of earth came the creation of man and the development of the human family, the animals, and the heavens. All of this must be the work of God, a fact that is objective to truth and reality.
The narrative is told like a lullaby, poetic clear and to the point. The story begins on the first day when light crested. Then on second, the sky is formed and on the third after the land and sea are parted the plants are created. On the fourth day God created great whales, and everything in kind with the water. As well as, the birds and the beast of the land, and spoke to them saying be rich in nature and multiply. Day and night was created along with creature’s females and male alike on the fifth day and sixth day. On the seventh day after seeing all that was designed and seeing all the work put in God rested. God declared the seventh day as a sanctified day or as what is called the Sabbath day because it was the day of rest from which was taken by God after all the work from what was made and formed. The 7th day is known as the day of completion; this is where the i...

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...fe and in return they were supposed to trust in him with all of their heart. A human beings spiritual journey is a reflection of these verses, wanting to do right but tempted to do wrong. Christians are taught to have faith, read the bible, pray, and give all of their problems to god and everything will be okay. Satan came to Adam and Eve disguised as a serpent, his message was as convincing and seemed as fulfilling as God’s.

In conclusion, the book of Genesis supports the theory that God created everything from the heavens to the earth. The fall of mankind is when one chooses wrong over right, and doesn’t trust the God above and the God within themselves. Faith and temptation are introduced, the greatest struggles believers come across. This text is a reminder that the answer to a lot of philosophical questions is of the metaphysical world.

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