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Where did we come from? A question that has been pondered by a great number of theologians, scientists, and regular people. Often times science and religion views are very much divided and one will usually be for one side or the other. However, there are a few who have considered the belief that evolution was a part of the creation story. One of those people is Sallie McFague who talks about this model as well as how to live life embodied in it in her book “The Body of God.” There are many problems we face today that were not as big in the time of Jesus, which can make it difficult for Christians to know what to do in these situations and relate it back to what was said in scripture. Some modern day problems we have to deal with now include the mistreatment of the earth by human beings and how we harm the home that God has given to us as a gift. The majority of the time people don’t really think about the consequences of the usage of the products they use that could be harming the environment. Many Americans are aware to some degree of the problems that this kind of consumption causes, but little gets done to fix it. As beings who are aware of what is happening in our world it becomes our responsibility to care for it and treat it as a gift from God.
“God is my creator and recreator, the One who gives and renews my life, moment by moment, at its most basic, physical level. And so does everything else in creation also live, moment by moment, by the breath of God says our model” (McFague, 144). For me personally, there is something about spending time outside and in nature that helps me feel connected to God. Back home I when I walk my dog in my neighborhood, there is always this unexplainable feeling I get when I look up into ...

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... living within it with respect.
Every living thing was created by the same God, and should be treated more than something that’s there for our use, but as treasured beings. We are all connected, through the God who lives, moves, and breathes through everything. I believe that He is everywhere and a part of all things. There is great mystery in the unknown of both science and faith, and how all the pieces fit in to place, but sometimes it is good to be curious about God and the universe. Because we as humans have the capability and understanding of taking care of the earth and God’s creation, we need to hold ourselves accountable for doing so. Other living beings should be seen as sacred and not taken for granted. This one and only earth is our home and should not be treated as something that is only temporary to us, but as God’s future home for all of His creation.

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