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Frankenstein was written by a woman named Mary Shelley. This story is considered to be one of the earliest examples of science fiction. Mary Shelley did not have a good life. There were always bad events occurring in Shelley’s life. Before the age of 30, Mary Shelley had lost her mother, sister, father, husband, and three of her four children. She battled depression all of her life and finally died in London at the age of fifty-four. After all of these terrible things that happened to her, people can probably understand how she came up with such a horror story like Frankenstein. In this novel, the main character is Victor Frankenstein. After Victor mother dies, he leaves and goes to England. In England is where he created this monster that he soon regrets. Victor abandons the creature, and the creature makes it his duty to find his creator and wreak havoc along the way. This horrifying sci-fi story could only be written and told by Mary Shelley, an individual that had such a horrible life.
In the story, the monster murdered Victor Frankenstein’s wife Elizabeth, his brother young William, and Henry Clerval. The monster also framed Justine, and she got hung in result of the framing. The reason the monster did this is because he is upset that his creator has abandoned him. The monster was basically an infant in an adult’s man body, and he has multiple scars all over him because of the procedures his body went through as he was being created. Most people would think that the creature is a horrible and evil person because of his foul actions in killing people, but he is not. This creature is eager to learn, and he is very upset that he has been abandoned. On his journey to find Victor Frankenstein, he stops and finds shelter in a co...

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...le companion, and it tells Frankenstein, “I shall be with you on your wedding night” (158). The monster tells Victor this before the wedding as a warning. Unfortunately, the monster shows up on Frankenstein’s wedding night and kills his wife. After this last foul action, the creature does not try to acclimate with mankind.
In sum, the monster was born in a grown man’s body and was abandoned at the moment of its existence. All he wanted was a companion and to not be in the world alone, but that did not happen. Resultantly, he lashes out at his creator and kills some of Victor’s close family and friends. The changes in the creature and his deeds are very believable. If Victor Frankenstein had not abandoned the monster, none of the terrible deeds that took place would have occurred.

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