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Essay about Body Mass Index

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Obesity is a known disease that is found around us. Everywhere we go we see obese people. But what is obesity? Obesity is defined as having an excessive amount of body fat which applies to people who are overweight. There are many health risks that coincide with obesity, which makes it a dangerous disease. Furthermore, obesity is becoming an enormous problem since it is increasing drastically. About 38% of the world population is obese and that percentage is steadily rising. So what causes these percentages to rise? What causes obesity? How can it be treated or prevented?

II. Causes

There are many factors that cause obesity, and genetics is perceived to be one of them. Some people claim that they are obese because it runs in the family, but they only partially answered the role of genes that are within them. Genetics influences other parts of the body that indirectly causes these people to be obese, for example, it may affect the metabolism rate of that person by making it slower or it may affect the duration during which the body burns calories which ultimately causes obesity. Another factor that gradually causes obesity is the lifestyle choices a person makes such as eating processed or fast foods high in fats, not eating fruits; vegetables; and unrefined carbohydrates, drinking too much alcohol; which contains a lot of calories, and eating excessive amounts of sweets and desserts. Unhealthy eating habits tend to run through families, as bad eating habits prevail within the adults; younger children perceive them to be an “ok” sign to do the same. Another major cause is the lack of physical activity. Many people don’t have the time to exercise because they either have to take care of their children or work; others just lay aro...

... middle of paper ...’t comforting. Many people tend to follow their desires rather than what’s good for them that’s why this percentage is increasing. The good news is that even moderate exercising and a little diet control can help prevent obesity. Thankfully doctors these days also have good ways to diagnose and treat victims of obesity but that does not mean anyone should try to become obese, because though a person can be treated by it many other diseases can follow. Awareness of this disease should be spread among people so that the more information they have the less they might fall into it, saving themselves and their children from a possibility that can be a reality.

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