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Bloody Division
Discrimination is the invisible line that separates humans from one another with their blood status, but really it should be from within their character. The social hierarchy is very evident as one of our modern day issues we struggle with and will always continue. Within the book of “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s stone,” written by J.K Rowling there are many divisions that consist of social class discrimination and differences between muggles and wizards. Instead of concentrating on separation of races, J.K. Rowling concentrates on the judgment of “pure bloods,” half muggles, and muggle born. The divisions within the wizarding world and the human world compare to modern day concerns of bloodline and social class within our own society.
The main character Harry Potter, who was orphaned as an infant, raised by his uncle and aunt, treated him with a great deal of mistreatment and disaffection. Literally, he was transformed from a kid living in a cupboard in the human world, to a famous young boy in the wizarding world. The division of the two worlds highlights Harry’s fortunes and allows him to become the young boy he had always desired and always deserved. The two worlds parallel but somehow in the wizard world he is a “someone,” and not just a fly on the wall. “Harry is also separated from other wizards because of his birth right,” not only is Harry divided from a pure blood wizard but is put on a higher pedestal in his social class due to the fame of his past and his parents (Tucker.) Harry Potter is legendary and humble pure blood wizard (meaning his parents were both wizards) but to the muggle world he is a boring nuisance to his family members who wishes away his existence...

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...e main characters are able to override the hierarchy. Despite the hierarchy, the main characters are able to blur and distort the discrimination and the divisions and create their own definitions of themselves. Harry, Hermione, and Ron are able to conquer their actions, successions, and their identities individually with the help of one another.

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