Essay on Blood Diamonds & Sierra Leone

Essay on Blood Diamonds & Sierra Leone

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Blood Diamonds & Sierra Leone
It is common to hear about war, terror, death and poverty, it is common knowledge to know their meanings, but what right does one have to say they know the reality of the words if they have never experienced it themselves, what does it really means to see the death of someone in a war; to know the terror of not knowing if you are to live to see another sunrise? Most do not know and are ignorant of the fact situations like this happens all around us; happening now even in different countries. More and more death, destruction and human rights being violated are happening in Sierra Leone because of its poor economic situation and the civil war which started over control of the blood diamonds; yet, the problem is being helped bit by bit from organizations and others.
Death, destruction, and human rights being violated are happening in the country Sierra Leone even before the civil war started. Social structure and life in Sierra Leone is at a crisis state with its youth and women being treated unfairly without immunity by chiefs and leaders. The youth of the country always said ‘chiefs antagonize the youths’ (Archibald and Richards 7). The youth had then disrespected their youth leaders because the leaders would connive with chiefs to humiliate the youth (Archibald and Richards 6). Leaders should be righteous and kind not mocking their people, destroying their confidence and future hopes in order to make life more enjoyable for just themselves. “The elders were not really helping us… Even if you have only [a] minor problem, they exaggerate it… you, as a young man, cannot handle the case anymore and have to run away… as case [was] brought to the chief and I was accused. So I ran away and hid… Then I he...

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...ld help them out a lot. Then, like the everyday villagers of Sierra Leone who fight to protect their family and country from dying, one can take a stand to defend the weak and help this world a little at a time.

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