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The Black Of Black Lives Essay

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First of all as a young black and fairly educated black woman. I can honestly say yes. Black lives do matter. I have lived experiences both personal and distant that can make that hashtag equally a reality and true. Living a very diverse life and going to a university where you see less than 1% of people who look like you open your eyes to the down play of your very existence. Not acknowledging the worth of black lives is a problem that leads to police brutality, mass incarceration, and racial profiling; we are told that we are equal in the constitution, but at the end of the day it is because of the manipulation of society by the media that Americans don’t understand what the Black Lives Matter Movement is about.
To start off with what the movement is fighting is the Manipulation of the mind being effects like propaganda, mass media, and not checking facts about assumptions seen or heard about African Americans or people of color. “We should be skepti­cal, however, of the supposition that the power of social pressure necessarily implies uncritical submission to it: independence and the capacity to rise above group passion are also open to human beings.” (Solomon 3) The group mind is a collective opinion influenced by a certain group of people internalizing values and in the state we are unaware of our influence. In Lessing’s article she states that, “People who have experienced a lot of groups, who perhaps have observed their own behavior, may agree that the hardest thing is the world is to stand out against one’s group, a group of one’s peers.” (320) People always tend to make up their own judgements unless they are born with it.
Next is having a humanistic conscience is knowing the right thing to do without being taught. W...

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...It is a wonder how just by the look of someone’s skin can cause so much pandemonium. I believe it is unbelievable that we have to have movements like BLM to reassure society that #BlackLivesMatter.
As said previously, I am a young woman With the courage to learn more about my people along with the manipulation of everyone around me with the power to change my mind but only if I let them. I have years ahead of me which I will embrace the history as we urge to change. My education is an instrument that no one will ever be able to take away from me. As mentioned I attend a university where if I were to sit in a classroom I am the only one of my kind. This does not frighten me, if anything it enlightens me to be and do better. Being a Black Lives Matter activist I can assure those that Black Lives not only matter but are the same in any way, shape, or form.

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