Black Feminist Thought By Patricia Hill Collins. B. Du Bois Understanding Of Double Consciousness

Black Feminist Thought By Patricia Hill Collins. B. Du Bois Understanding Of Double Consciousness

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Contemporary sociology grows from work of the past, this is no different in the manner that Patricia Hill Collins builds off W.E.B Du Bois understanding of double consciousness. In her essay, “Learning from the Insider Within: The Sociological Significance of Black Feminist Thought”, Patricia Hill Collins analyses Black feminist thought through a discourse following three distinct themes that allow for Black Women within the field of sociology an unique perspective outside the boundaries. Collins diverges into the topic by breaking down the historical example of “outsider within” which provides black women a distinct point of critical lens that is beneficial. Following, Collins “[examines] the sociological significance of the Black feminist thought stimulated by Black women’s outsider within status” (Collins 2000). Furthermore, Collins introduces the three themes in establishing the boundaries for Black feminist thought to draw more closely towards the sociological standpoint.
In reference to standpoint epistemology, one of the terms Collins is recognized in, Du Bois similarly imposes a change in his tone when researching in The Philadelphia Negro. It is in this work where he wrote with more of his voice, rationalizing that the empirical work—backed by facts—he had done was not enough to influence people. Through utilizing his own struggle as a black man, Du Bois patiently explores the state of race in the United States (Appelrouth and Elres 2012). Whereas part of the larger Black feminist thought is similarly attempting to make sense of this “other” or “outsider” phenomenon, Du Bois and Collins share this in common.
As the first theme focuses on clarifying the assumptions that are underlined according to Collins “…suggests that...

... middle of paper ... recognized that he was both an insider and an outsider in his investigations of the conditions of “the Negro” (2005)
To conclude, Collins argues, highlights and questions the standards of Black feminist thought in a manner that provides room for analysis and further research. Whereas Du Bois, seen as a more radical academic and activist interjects through his contributions important analysis and questions to this day continue to be posed. Connected by the academia’s divide, Collins draws a lot from Du Bois on her analysis of Black feminist thought that now adds race and ethnicity to the core questions of sociology. Their journeys were similar, but their work, although separated by years of changing social and cultural dynamics remains to highlight that their contributions to sociology: double consciousness and epistemological standpoint are strikingly similar.

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