The Black Body Is Being Persecuted

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What It’s Like to be Black in America It’s often been said that the best pieces of art are often created from a place of pain. We’ve seen this reflected in our films, music, paintings, and literature. I believe we do this as a way for the world to hear our pain and know our suffering, so maybe just maybe, our burden might be relieved. It can often be difficult to do this because one is never accustomed to sharing pain because to do that is to be vulnerable and not many are able to do this easily. This is why I enjoyed Ta-Nehisi Coates Between the World And Me, because he puts into words what I have felt my entire life. In his book Coates argues that the black body is being persecuted in America because we believe that black people have a predisposition for crime and I agree. I grew up in a very diverse family. We are all different shades and tones but my family is befitting because we live in California, one of the most racially diverse states there is. Even with my very diverse surroundings my father made sure that my racial education started early. I’ve been conditioned to bear ridicule for my skin color while simultaneously having great pride in it. From the moment I could speak I was told that I had to live by a different set of rules based on the color of my skin. Even though I mostly identify with black I’m so mixed that fully claiming anything wouldn’t be accurate and as such I’ve always lived my life in confusion. I was too black for my white peers but too white for my black ones. People have always tried to put me in a box but you really can’t and rather than understand me I was persecuted for being different. I asked my grandmother about her first experience with racism. She too grew up in California and she had said t... ... middle of paper ... ...otect black people. It was built to exploit us and make rich white men richer. We were seen as beings less than human and wholly undeserving of any basic human rights. We were maltreated, abused, and humiliated. Then white men were in great shock as to why we were revolting or protesting. Today it is the same we are supposed to smile and endure because we are lucky to even be in a nation as great as America. We are expected to be happy where we are at and never expect more. The only way white men have ever obtained anything they ever wanted was through violence so if violently speaking out is what we must do then so be it. Because I am tired of living in fear. I fear for myself, for my friends,for my children, and for my cousins because they’re at risk to be targeted every day because they have committed the greatest sin you can do, which is being black in America.

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