Essay on The Bitter Truth About Cocoa

Essay on The Bitter Truth About Cocoa

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Imagine that you are at your local retail store and you want to buy yourself a chocolate bar. There are so many brand names to choose from and it’s hard for you to decide but which of these are actually safe to eat and honestly produced? There is a small chance that one of these choices actually is or even worse, not even in the store. People don’t usually background check the chocolate bars they eat because they are too busy enjoying this sweet delicacy but what they don’t know is there is a another story behind the makings of that chocolate bar. Cocoa is a globally consumed commodity and is the main ingredient of chocolate bars; which comes from cocoa beans that are commonly grown in Africa. Farmers do their best to produce as many cocoa as they can to meet demands, but often result in child slavery and labor due to unfair exchange. This results in harmful activities for both the children and the environment just to meet the demands of cocoa production. But there are organizations and companies that are trying to reverse these negative actions to help promote safe, healthy, and slave free cocoa products; in which studies have shown that chocolate can be good for a person’s wellbeing.
Cocoa trees are commonly grown in parts of the world that is close to the equator and are primarily produced in Ghana and Ivory Coast in Africa where cocoa is a cash crop especially in these countries (World Cocoa Foundation, 2012). Farmers rely a lot on their cocoa farms so that they can make a living, but recently there have been unfair exchange for their crops leading into a drastic decrease of profit. These small cocoa farms owned by about 5-6 million farmers in Africa deliver more than 70% of the world cocoa production worldwide (World Cocoa F...

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