Bit Torrents: A New Technology

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Bit Torrents Are a New Technology “Bit torrent is nothing more than a file downloading technology” is quoted in large font on the right side of website in the article written by Dr. Leo Notemboom. The Article is titled “Is It Illegal to Download Torrent Files.” The writer summarizes what bit torrent technology is and how the law could apply to them. Overall the article is well informing to readers about bit torrents and Leo Notenboom’s interpretation of copyright laws. Also the article is very interesting and could arise some interesting questions to readers that relate to the topic. Today many people use bit torrent technology to share music, movies, software applications and more. Large Amounts of these files contained in the bit torrent have the potential of being illegal. The article will explain. “Bit Torrent is nothing more than a file downloading technology. It's highly efficient, optimized for large files and for decentralized storage of the files being downloaded, but ultimately it's nothing more than a way to copy a file down to your machine.” Leo Noten...

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