The Birthmark And Girl By Jamaica Kincaid Essay

The Birthmark And Girl By Jamaica Kincaid Essay

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A person’s beliefs and actions do not form by themselves, rather it is created and influenced by the people and society surrounding them, which is an issue presented in both The Birthmark by Nathaniel Hawthorne and Girl by Jamaica Kincaid. In both stories of The Birthmark and Girl, they share the same theme of how perfection does not equal happiness, which can be observed through the inescapable relationship, the final results to both stories and through the analysis of feminist criticism.
To begin with, both texts are situated with characters that deal with inescapable relationships, such as husband and wife or mother and daughter. Ironically, both stories share the similarity that it is their loved one, who pressures them to change. In The Birthmark, Aylmer, the husband is the one who pressures his wife, Georgiana, into removing the birthmark on her face, so that she can become truly beautiful. This is first brought up when he asks her if she has “ever considered that the mark on [her] cheek might be removed?” (Hawthorne 341) and with that, he consistently hints throughout the text, without directly saying to Georgiana, that she needs to remove the birthmark. He later goes on to explain himself by saying that the mark does not suit her face, and how “[she] came so nearly to perfection from the hand of Nature, that this slightest possible defect” is a sign of “earthly imperfection” (Hawthorne 341). By doing this, he persuades her in a cruel way to remove the birthmark, in reasons not only satisfy him, but to show her that the mark overpowers her beauty. Hence, even though the wife portrays herself as being content with her mark, by explaining how it “has so often been called a charm” (Hawthorne 341) to the point that she believes...

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...ich reflects greatly on the ending of both stories.
Overall, both literary texts imply that perfection is the centre of happiness, as The Birthmark aims to make Georgiana flawlessness, while in Girl, the mother strives to change her daughter to satisfy her ideal image of a respectable women. By analyzing both texts through the theme of perfection and how it is not equivalent to happiness, a person manages to get a closer view of the truth behind the idea of perfection, as it observes the type of relationship, the end result after achieving what they want and the impacts of society through a feminist approach. Therefore, both stories demonstrate the lesson that instead of trying to force another person into becoming someone they are not, a person should love who they are because attempting to become “perfect” does not always lead to a better and happier life.

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