Essay Birth Order Affecting Career Choice

Essay Birth Order Affecting Career Choice

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What if the majority of life was based on something that could not be controlled or chosen? This one thing that affects most of life is birth order. Everybody is born into a certain position in their family whether they are the oldest, the youngest, or anywhere else in between. This order affects the way parents treat children. The oldest are usually the guinea pigs that are being experimented on while the youngest are usually the most spoiled and seem to have the most freedom. Birth order affects not only the raising of a child and the responsibility of that child in the family, but it greatly affects career choice.
Actual and Psychological Birth
People who study how birth order affects careers focus on two types of births, actual birth and psychological birth. Actual birth is the birth order in which the children come into this world. This order usually includes oldest, middle, and youngest. Psychological birth is referring to the significance that the child feels that they are to their family (Murphy, 6). To better understand psychological birth, an example is a middle child they usually have a pretty low psychological birth. “Often middle children have nothing about them that make them feel special and worthy of their family’s attention” (Collins, 4) This psychological birth is low because most middle children do not feel like they are important to their family because of the lack of attention they receive. Psychological birth affects the characteristics of a child more than actual birth, due to the feelings that are forced upon them, making them feel insecure (Murphy, 6). However, a combination of the effects of both actual and psychological birth order play a large role in shaping the child throughout the rest of their li...

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...ecome good at finding equal ground between two people, or negotiating. Also, they usually do not tend to have as much responsibility as the oldest child, and when they do have responsibility, they tend to try to get out of their role or responsibility (Collins, 4). Because the middle children are good at keeping order, they are usually in jobs like law enforcement, teaching, and personal care (Mantell). Younger children tend to be the ones who are irresponsible and lazy because they have been spoiled while growing up. They are also always trying to impress their parents, by trying to be different than their older siblings are (Stossel). The youngest children also have great artistic abilities, so they usually have creative jobs like artists or sales and marketing (Mantell). Creativity comes from trying to think of ways to impress their parents while they are young.

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