Bipolar Disorder Is An Overwhelming Mental Illness Essay

Bipolar Disorder Is An Overwhelming Mental Illness Essay

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Bipolar disorder is an overwhelming mental illness that can affect one’s life drastically. Bipolar is a disorder that is characterized by recurring episode of mania and depression. Most people who suffer from bipolar disorder are often misdiagnosed, and undergo ineffective treatments, which may hinder recovery and lead to the progression of the illness. In the movie “Mr. Jones”, (1993) the main character experiences broad symptoms of bipolar disorder that lead to an improper diagnosis. The article chosen to support this paper Emotional Reactivity in Bipolar Depressed Patients ( P. Stratta, D. Tempesta, R. L. Bonanni, S. de Cataldo, and A. Rossi Journal of Clinical Psychology 2014), broadly debates that bipolar disorder has received increased attention as a relevant issue with regards to the ability of which one responds to emotional external stimuli. People living with bipolar disorder could experience involuntarily mix of emotions. This paper focuses on the main character 's journey who has bipolar disorder. In addition the following key points will be discussed throughout the paper respectively. Objective data, mental disorder diagnosis, literary analysis and article with movie comparison. Furthermore nursing implication will be included in order to learn from this paper along with a goal to improve future practices when dealing with bipolar patients.
Character Description and Objective Data
At the beginning of the movie Mr. Jones appears to have a bright and sparkling personality. In one of the scenes Mr. Jones tries to get a job, when he gets the job, he right away become friends with one of the co-workers. His extremely excited and energetic; he walks on top of unfinished roof as he claims he wants to fly. ...

... middle of paper ...

... from this illness.
In conclusion, both the article and the movie “Mr. Jones” (1993) discussed briefly about the highlights of bipolar disorders and raises awareness to society. Mostly mental illness is invisible within the society. Unfortunately this disorder affects relationship, friendship, families, and total function of the person. Also regrettably mental illness is a stigma, which prevents one from reaching out for help. It 's important not to judge these people and instead find productive way to help them manage the diseases. As evidence in the movie if support, guidance and love is shown to people with mental illness, it
makes them feel better about themselves and have a different outlook on life besides their illness. Which in return decreases the chances of them taking unnecessarily risks that could potentially prove to be fatal to their health.

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