Biological Roles Including Disease Development And Thus Has Implications For Diagnosis And Prognosis Of Various Diseases

Biological Roles Including Disease Development And Thus Has Implications For Diagnosis And Prognosis Of Various Diseases

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CD73 is involved in many biological roles including disease development and thus has implications for diagnosis and prognosis of various disease including malignant tumors.
Turcotte et al. (2015) investigated the prognostic value of CD73 in high-grade serous (HGS) ovarian cancer using gene and protein expression analyses. Their results demonstrated that high levels of CD73 are significantly associated with shorter disease-free survival and overall survival in patients with HGS ovarian cancer. High levels of CD73 expression in ovarian tumor cells abolished the good prognosis associated with intraepithelial CD8(+) cells. Moreover, in vitro studies revealed that CD73 and extracellular adenosine enhance ovarian tumor cell growth as well as expression of anti-apoptotic BCL-2 family members. Finally, in vivo co-injection of mouse ovarian tumor cells with mouse embryonic fibroblasts showed that CD73 expression in fibroblasts promotes tumor immune-escape, thereby promoting tumor growth. In conclusion, Turcotte et al. (2015) highlighted a role for CD73 as a prognostic marker of patient survival and also as a candidate therapeutic target in HGS ovarian cancers.
Spychala et al. (2004) investigated the regulation of CD73 and adenosine in breast cancer to determine the implication of the compound in the development of malignant tumors. This was done by screening the expression of CD73 at the mRNA and protein levels using a panel of breast cancer cell lines that differ in estrogen receptor status (positive and negative) and invasive and metastatic potential. Also, the rates of adenosine formation in cells exhibiting high and low CD73 expression and estrogen receptor positive cells treated with estradiol were determined. It was shown that estr...

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...nd age of the patient, the medications being used by the patient at the time of the investigation and the methodologies involved in the screening of CD73 expression. For example, a study reported by Haas (2010) included the use of murine models whereas the investigation of Supernat et al. (2012) was performed on clinically ill humans. However, it is clear that both adverse and positive effects of CD73 on the development of carcinomas can be screened as potential options for using CD73 as a biomarker to predict, detect, and treat disease. The main problem remains how effective CD73 will be as a prognostic or diagnostic biomarker and whether it can contribute to assessing intervention modalities and disease outcomes. Effective use of biomarkers can alleviate the burden on the healthcare system to monitor progression or regression of long term illnesses such as cancer.

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