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Biography of Stonewall Jackson Essay

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(TS) Stonewall Jackson was a military strategist and confident leader in the confederate army, Stonewall isn’t his first name but he earned it through his stern and impressive coordination of his men. Though he sided with the not so appreciated side of the war he is undoubtedly one of the better Generals in the war. Unfortunately he died due to one of his men shooting him by accident. His life was filled with peril and success like everyone else and died like everyone does.
Mr. Jackson didn’t have the best childhood since his father as well as his sister died of typhoid when he was only two. His mother was widowed before she was thirty and left with great debt ultimately impoverishing their family. She later remarried only to have her husband strongly dislike her children. This inevitably caused Thomas to move to his uncle who worked a saw mill. Sadly he died only a few years after Thomas’s arrival.
A few years after that he was accepted to West Point and graduated in 1846 thus starting his military career. He entered the Mexican-American war from 1846-1848 as a second Lieutenant First Artillery Regiment, this is where he first met Robert E. Lee. Throughout his tour he was promoted to Major, however he resigned to pursue a very different career.
After the Mexican-American war he accepted a teaching job at Virginia Military Institute. While some say his teaching was unorthodox, it is suggested that it came from his hard working and strict upbringing. Yet he was unsuccessfully petitioned to leave his post as a teacher of philosophy. Virginia Military Institute recently stated that though Mr. Jackson’s way of teaching was unwanted and unappreciated at the time his works are now invaluable to the institute.
From 1851 to 1861 his lif...

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...s against the Unions 130,000. The plan wasn’t for complete annihilation but to route the enemy, routing an enemy means to deter them to the point of they retreat. While Lee held the front lines LTG Jackson came around the flanks for the enemy with 28,000 troops inflicting immense amounts of casualties upon the Union soldiers, consequently victory had its cost.
When reforming immediately with the main force after their successful flank Jackson was stuck three times by friendly fire and was given medical attention resulting in the amputation of his left arm. When Lee heard this he said,(1)”Jackson has lost his left arm; I have lost my left arm.” Unfortunately he died from phenomena ten days later on May, 10th 1863. Since he was such an asset to the Confederacy this basically crippled their moral. This should be an example as how war can make or break whom it pleases.

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