Essay Biography Of Landa Daren 's Parents Were Both Wonderful Adults

Essay Biography Of Landa Daren 's Parents Were Both Wonderful Adults

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Landa Daren 's parents were both wonderful adults. Her mother, Nara, was gorgeous in her own way. She had wavy red hair that had a blond tinge to it. Her deep green eyes gave her a wistful look. Through all this beauty, Nara was not normal. Unlike Landa’s father, Bayden, Landa 's mom had magic in her. Sometimes Landa would sit in the kitchen floor and watch her mom do spells.
The kitchen was not large but, it had enough space for at least two to work in. The walls were sand color and the flooring had white, square tiles. Many of them were scuffed and stained by shuffling feet and potions that had spelt.
Of course, Landa did not have her magic yet but, she was sure she would get it someday even though her father didn 't. Nara was a descendant of many powerful and greatly spoken of wizards. Sometimes, her mother would tell her old stories from wizzards long ago, who accomplished great change through their awesome powers.
Her dad on the other hand, had no magic at all. He had short black hair and midnight blue eyes. Landa loved her father and cherished his kind heart. He studied mammals and other creatures for a living. Her dad was amazing at animal conservation.
Landa had the black hair like her father, but she had her mother 's green eyes, which was proof enough for her that she to would have magic even though sometimes children with mixed parents did not have magic like the one parent. This thought delighted Landa. She didn 't want to be ordinary like her father even though she loved him dearly. She was ecstatic contemplating how she could use her magic to make big changes. She wouldn 't have to wait long to find out whether she really did have magic or not. Her sixteenth birthday was coming soon. If she does have magic it wo...

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...ausing the hair to raise. She turned up the driveway and glanced at the large Victorian styled home a few yards away. Mrs. Diana’s tremendous home was like a mansion to Landa. It had nine bedrooms, that’s not including the other rooms! The house was a light pink color that Mrs. Diana painted it twenty years ago after her late husband passed away. he rossy pink was now aged and the bottom of the residence was slightly sun-bleached.
Landa tramped up the porch stairs and knocked on the door.
“Come in,” she heard Mrs. Diana call from somewhere inside. She opened the door and stepped over the threshold.
“Mrs. Diana,” she shouted, “I brought you some medicine mom made this morning.” She wandered down a hallway until she found the little elderly lady sitting in a oversized, blue chair, cross stitching something onto a small hand towel.
“Come here, dear,” said Mrs. Diana.

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