Essay about The Best Fit For My Plan

Essay about The Best Fit For My Plan

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Depending on which position the leader of my initiative would be in, there are definitely requirements on the part of the DHS. The best fit for my plan is for a case manager to be in charge of this section of family services. They will be the lead individual on the team and need to coordinate between everyone involved in the FSP process. A failure to do so would result in a breakdown in communication and families would eventually suffer if not receiving needed help.
Additional Team Members
Ideally with my plan, at risk youth would straighten up at home, school, etc. if they were visited by DHS and the police in a preventative fashion. However, what will happen to all those who continue to act out or make bad decisions? I propose that the El Paso County 4th District Court expand its Problem Solving Court to handle situations with at risk youth in need of intervention. The final step if the courts cannot get the message across is a meeting with the El Paso County Sheriff 's Department since they manage the county jail. While the Problem Solving Court and Sheriff 's Department are vital members to reach today 's youth, they will likely not be as heavily involved as other players.
Each step of the process I have attempted to outline is guaranteed to reach a number of families today. There will still be those whom the message does not reach by simply interacting with DHS. In those cases, law enforcement involvement is needed to demonstrate the consequences of their acting out while DHS continues to work with parents and guardians on how they can better reach out to their children. Each step beyond CSPD involvement is what I hope to be fail safes to show at risk youth what their future will be if changes are not made. The Problem Sol...

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...t them a larger part of the FSP process, it will be accomplished at that time with quarterly reviews thereafter.
This initiative is something the entire family can participate in learning about. The goal here is to keep families together to prevent children from growing up without positive role models. Parents need to be shown how to relay the information to their children every step of the way. Starting with DHS, Family Services Plans will outline everything parents or guardians can expect along the way including law enforcement intervention and problem solving at the level of local District Courts. While there is not one answer which will solve the problems experienced by today 's youth, I feel as though my initiative will go to length to solve a great deal of issues faced by families today and help to keep children in their own homes and families whole.

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