The Best Conditions to Grow Cotton

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Cotton Production Areas: Cotton is cultivated in areas that are warm and experience high temperatures and favorable amounts of sunshine. Cotton is grown in areas where the amount of humidity is low. In addition, areas with too much rain or frost are not favorable for cotton growing. Africa, India, Australia and the Americas are some of the areas where cotton is a commonly grown crop (Cotton Australia, 2013). Dates of crop cycle Cotton is usually grown as an annual crop that depends on the spring, summer seasons in a particular region. Longer hot summers allow for better cotton yields since the temperatures are high and favorable to the crop. For example, in Australia, August and September are for soil preparation while September, October and November are for planting (Cotton Australia, 2013). The plants then grow from November to February then harvested and marketed between March and May. This is a typical cotton cycle which changes depending on the season in the region. Climatic Requirements Cotton grows well in hot areas with good amounts of sunshine for 4-5 months. Cotton does ...
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