Beowulf : Good Vs Evil Essay

Beowulf : Good Vs Evil Essay

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Beowulf, one of the oldest long poems, is an Old English epic written by an unknown poet. The poet was trying to capture the heroic language and style of ancient Germanic poetry. He was a Christian and presented that throughout the poem, which the reader can tell reflects Christian tradition. Beowulf can be considered a very simple epic in many people’s view point. The whole plot is mostly focused on a courageous and mighty warrior that battles against demons and evil things lurking amongst the townspeople. This writing views Beowulf’s three great fights against evil, which will help to show the themes being analyzed. There are many themes present, but three that stood out amongst the rest include: good vs evil, courage and violence. Beowulf showcases all three of these motifs in an intriguing way. The good versus evil, courage and violence help to show Beowulf’s heroicness throughout this poem, and each affects his character in a different way.
Good versus evil is a very common and reoccurring theme in Beowulf. The representation of the good would be, of course, Beowulf and the three monsters would serve as the evil. Beowulf, in many’s eyes, rose to the rank of a true hero, and “his contest were viewed in the light of a struggle between good and evil” (Gwara 8). Beowulf is bolder than any other warrior, “There was no one else like him alive”(line 196), and heads to the Danes after hearing of Grendel. Grendel terrorizes Hrothgar’s people because of their happiness and closeness to God; Grendel is seen as evil because he is kin to Cain, the first murderer. Beowulf decides to battle against Grendel and wins, which presents good conquering evil. Beowulf fights two other evil monsters throughout the story, Grendel’s mother and a drag...

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... of these details helped set the theme of the story, without violence in the story the reader would not be able to fully grasp the life of an Old English warrior. Violence was just a way of life in Beowulf’s culture.
In conclusion, violence, courage, and the good vs the evil were all major components of the poem, Beowulf. These three themes made an impact on Beowulf 's character; it lead him to be courageous yet violent, but also a component of good versus evil. He was good and brave by fighting off evil monsters and saving people. He was violent, not only himself but others, due to their beliefs, culture, and way of fighting. Beowulf was, also, a factor of good when battling against evil forces. These three themes not only presented his character but helped the reader see how heroic he truly was. These themes tend to be a reflection of what Beowulf was like in life.

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