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Beowulf : A Modern Hero Essay

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Beowulf represents what a modern hero truly is rather than Dante the pilgrim, because he displays qualities of courage, pride, and humility. In order to be considered a modern hero the individual must demonstrate these particular qualities, and courage, pride, and humility should be reflected in the actions they make.
A true modern hero is able to set aside fear and act on the matter at hand, which signifies the quality of courage. Being Courageous can set you apart from others, because you are willing to carry out actions that are beneficial for the greater good. Any one can say they are going to do something, but when the claim is backed with actions they truly display courage. Beowulf is the epitome of being courageous. He voluntarily travels to the land of the Danish as a result of hearing about the monstrous Grendel attacks. Beowulf states to Hrothgar "Then news of Grendel, Hard to ignore, reached me at home"(Beowulf 409-10). This is not an easy task to do, given the horror of the attacks as well as it being in a foreign land of which you are not accustomed to. "Merciless Grendel struck again with more gruesome murders, malignant by nature, he never showed remorse"(Beowulf 135-37). Grendel is a violent hell bound creature that no one wants to go up against. Beowulf could have ignored the news he heard, and let the problem remain. Instead he chose to stand up and fight the fear of facing Grendel.
Secondly, Beowulf displays being courageous because he is willing to lay his life down for the sake of not only his fellow countrymen but for others as well. When Beowulf decides to face the dragon alone only one of his men remained. "The battle dodgers abandoned the wood, The ones who had let down their lord earlier, the ta...

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... lover who was killed by her husband. In Canto five Dante states to Francesca "Francesca, your suffering moves my heart to tears of grief and pity"(Inferno, V;116-17). Towards the end of Dante 's journey he begins to lose his remorse for the dammed souls and develops the mentality that they are being punished for a reason. Unlike in Beowulf where he demonstrates humility throughout his life.
In conclusion Beowulf displays courage, pride, and humility which are all sufficient qualities for a modern hero to have. He balances each with grace, and his actions reflect the traits. A true modern hero has to be willing to carry out his actions in order to match what he says he is going to do. In this case Beowulf is the epitome of a true hero because he constantly displays these three qualities naturally unlike Dante the pilgrim who may from time to time express them.

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