Essay on Benefits of the Second Amendment

Essay on Benefits of the Second Amendment

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After a long, exhausting, painful war for independence from Great Britain, the United States became its own nation, a nation of choice and rights, a nation of voice and strong opinion, a nation with freedom handed to humans by God. The birth of this glorious new state brought forth a new era of revolution throughout the world. Countries took America’s victory to heart, overthrowing their monarchial governments and establishing governments run by popular sovereignty. The existence of the United States, perhaps, led to the global fight for self-government.
However, though all our grandeur, this great nation was naïve at birth. The establishment of the first constitution nearly brought an end to the triumphant title of the United States. Fortunately, our founding fathers refused to allow such glory die. Full of the same determination and pride held during the revolution, they constructed the Constitution we know and honor today. They fashioned equally strong state and federal governments, a representative democracy in the form of Congress, and most importantly, the Bill of Rights, which ultimately reflected our demand for civil liberties.
Because the Constitution is a live document, it can be changed in the form of Amendments. The Bill of Rights is a collection of the first Ten Amendments. These alterations voiced the demand for freedoms of religion, speech, and protest, along with others previously held back by the King. It is because of the Bill of Rights that the new Constitution prospered into the most powerful document in the United States.
Among these powerful Amendments is the Right to Bear Arms (the Second Amendment. It declares, “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of th...

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...s and criminals and children. We must remember that weapons do not rule the world, humans do.

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