Benefits Of Starbucks : Starbucks Essay

Benefits Of Starbucks : Starbucks Essay

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Starbucks, is one establishment that I have never been to. However, for the purpose of this research, I decided to visit one. I visited the Starbucks on Ft. Campbell Blvd. Upon entering the shop, I noticed that the atmosphere was warm and inviting, and soft music played in the background, as I went to the counter to place my order. The menu, was over whelming to me there were so many different types of coffee available, that I had to have one of the employees explain the lingo to me. The employees or rather Baristas (employees are called Baristas at Starbucks), were very helpful, they seemed to enjoy their job and I noticed all of them had smiles as they assisted the customers. The menu offered; whole bean, ground coffee, and a slew of Starbucks specialty coffee. The espresso offerings were; latte, mocha, caramel and an assortment of other flavors. Additionally, Starbucks also offered food in the form of sandwiches, salads, pastry and breakfast foods. Finally, I decided on a regular cup of black coffee and an egg and cheddar breakfast sandwich. The price was more than I would have paid at McDonald’s, plus at McDonald’s I would have gotten hash browns, for the price. Overall, the experience was interesting and enjoyable. Nonetheless, it was not so great that I would stop making my own coffee at home.
Starbucks, was able to take a commodity like coffee and successfully differentiate it because, people feel that being able to afford Starbucks is a status symbol. Furthermore, brand loyalty and Starbucks reward program is also a reason why customers are willing to pay their prices. According to Reyhle (2016), “customer loyalty isn’t what it used to be. In fact, research company Access Development reported that 79% of customers would ta...

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...ars and as of 2008 became connected to the My Starbucks Reward program. The Starbucks Reward Program enables customers to receive benefits based on the number of reward points earned over a period of 12 months. Money is loaded on to the Starbucks Card and can be spent in Starbucks stores. Furthermore, the Starbucks card has grown in value in recent years, becoming an important source of revenue for the company” (p.10).
In conclusion, Farrell & Hartline (2014) states that “Starbucks had become one of the most widely recognized and admired global brands. Additionally, it has been able to successfully developed a devoted, local customer base. Consequently, it is understood that, businesses need to grow in order to maintain profitability. However, Starbucks should not veer too far off the path that made those customers similar to Benjamin, love them in the first place.

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