Essay on Benefits Of Mandatory Nutrition Education

Essay on Benefits Of Mandatory Nutrition Education

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Beneficial of Mandatory Nutrition Education in Society

As living organisms, foods are one of the resources that essential to life to function the body normally. I have been experiencing with health and nutrition issue in both developing and developed societies. As referring to the period when I was in middle school in Northwestern Thailand, I still remember the time when many of the children and adults suffered from eating disorder, hypertension, underweights, Type II diabetes, abnormal body development issue and other disease that related to nutritional problems. Unfortunately, there was not growing enough food produced from farming and no mandatory nutrition education in the town. People in that town didn’t know about nutrition’s facts and calories of the foods. There were a few export and import food products with a nutrition label on. Even though there is nutrition label on the products, we didn’t know what they are there for; plus didn’t know how to read the calories, fat and sugars in the products. On the other hand, there are many foods available and produced from farming in U.S. However, there are also disadvantages of having too much available food in society that caused obesity, hypertension, Type II diabetes and other diseases that related to nutritional issues occurred in both children and adults as well. Therefore, many scientists and government from every country around the world agreed to take the responsibilities to regulate the foods and nutrition for the people. In addition, they agreed to provide the MNE (Mandatory Nutrition Education) for the children at the school. In somehow, some people from debate organization still argued about providing MNE program for the children. So during this semester, I plan to do ...

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...ecause the student will learn its base on what they need to know about nutrition for lives.
One of MNE article by Puccini and Romero explained how being obesity affect in today’s youth. According to their research, they predicted that “young today will be the first generation of American to live shorter lives than their parents as a direct result of the food they eat.” They compared the studied related to symptoms that cause by obesity and diabetes from the past five years and recent studied. As the result, “the majority patients in ICU were elderly in the past five years but in recent studied more people from 30s and 40s show up at ICU with the symptom of diabetes and hypertension.” By seeing this issue, we should know that starting to provide MNE at the earlier hood would likely to prevent more the children and adolescents from obesity, hypertension and diabetes.

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