Benefits Of Being A College Athlete Essay

Benefits Of Being A College Athlete Essay

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Sleeping problems are fairly common amongst college students. Many of the students tested throughout the studies who had sleep problems also had higher levels of anxiety, intrusive thoughts, social connectedness, self-esteem, sleep disturbances, and depression. Compared to older adults, college students woke up more during sleep, but other than that, older adults showed higher levels of fatigue, napping, etc. (Koffel & Watson, 2009). We could assume that this is be due to a much higher rate activities, such as friends, practices, etc., or possibly students having problems adjusting to their new lifestyle. When college athletes were compared with non-athletes, the information showed that the student athletes had lower levels of depression, and higher levels of social connectedness and self-esteem. (Armstrong & Ooman, 2009). Being a college athlete myself, I find all of this information to be true, and I believe that participating in college athletics makes students feel better about themselves, and makes falling asleep much easier after having a physically and mentally draining day.
When people experience trouble sleeping, depression is one of the major problems that arise from it. For example, I am sure we all have had nights where we could not fall, or stay, asleep, and when we had to get out of bed and start the day, we felt like it would be an absolutely terrible day. Some of us can shake this feeling off rather quickly, but with others the problem can linger for days, weeks, months or years. In one study, the researchers discovered that 33.5% of college students suffered from depression (Armstrong & Ooman, 2009). Another study concluded that 52% of college students that suffered from depression were female, and the researc...

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...mstrong and Oomen was to analyze social connectedness, self-esteem, depression symptoms among female and male college athletes, and female and male non-college athletes, and compare the results between the two groups. These researchers had no specific hypothesis, but judging from the information they provided, they thought that athletes would have lower levels of depression and higher levels of social connectedness and self-esteem. In the article done by Nyer and his colleagues, the purpose was to show the relationship between sleep disturbance and depression, anxiety, and functioning in college students. These researchers hypothesized that students with depressive symptoms with sleep disturbances would demonstrate a greater burden comorbid psychiatric symptoms and functional impairment compared to students with depressive symptoms without sleep distrubances (2013).

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