The Benefits of Adopting a Cat Essay

The Benefits of Adopting a Cat Essay

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The U.S today has the largest population of cats in the world with 76,430,000. 60

billion of these felines are living on the streets (Cat Statistics). Cats, with their ability to provide

emotional support are a great addition to the life of anyone (Coren,). With their soft fur and

personality, cats could keep anyone company. Felines are the easiest animals to take care of and

are perfect for a family with kids. Because of their inexpensive doctor bills they fit in any

household (Diffen). They have also been to know save lives. The act of stroking their fur has

been known to reduce the risk of many medical conditions (Top 10 Reasons why You Should

Adopt a Cat). Everyone should adopt a cat because of their sharp personalities, inexpensive

doctor bills, and health benefits.

First of all Cats provide emotional support and can keep anyone company (Coren).

Felines have soft fur and each cat, individually has a different personality, a great addition to

someone who is lonely (Ciarcia). My cats love to run around and play during the day, keeping

me very active, and then they even cuddle with me and sleep during the night! Cats will always

be there for you on a rough day or whenever you feel down or upset (Monroe). They are

intelligent creatures and can sense when someone is emotional and will try to comfort you! “Cats

and humans have similar hormonal, neurological and genetic makeups (Owens). This means they

know emotions and also can express them (Owens). So they will always be there for you when

their love is needed. Finally cats’ soft fur and purring is known to comfort someone when they

are feeling alone (Monroe). They are great for widowed families, divorcees, and single people

young or old. Accor...

... middle of paper ...

...g the loss of a loved one or if they have recently separated. Also cats,

statistics show that they are the easiest animal to take care of and have some of the lowest vet

bills (Cats vs Dogs). Not only can they be left alone during the day they also can live in small

places prefect for a small family (Cats vs Dogs).Since cats have retractable claws they are

perfect for a family with small children because the risk of getting injured is lower (Differences

Between Cats and Dogs). Lastly cats, with their calming purrs and soft furs can reduce the risk

of having a heart attack or stroke (Top 10 Reasons You Should Adopt a Cat). People who own

cats are 30% less likely to die of a heart attack or stroke than people who don’t own a cat

(Benjamin). Everyone should adopt a cat because of their sharp personalities, inexpensive doctor

bills, and health benefits.

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