Benefits And Benefits Of Walmart Essay

Benefits And Benefits Of Walmart Essay

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Walmart provides benefits to their employees regarding healthcare, education and financial benefits. The healthcare plan includes access to dental, vision and other procedures including counseling for post-accident cases. The medical plan covers both domestic partners and married couples. According to Wohl ( 2016), the company implemented the strategy to mitigate the loss of employees to other businesses that cover domestic relationships. Domestic relationships eligible for the benefits include legally married individuals, spouses with no documented separation, and two people with the same sex or opposite sex that have shared the same household and wish to settle together. The condition only applies to relationships existent for over 12 months and likely to continue for more years. However, if the spouse of a Walmart worker gets benefits from their employer, they lose the benefits provided by the company. Additional requirements include individuals must have worked for the company for at least 12 months over a 30hour shift per week (O 'Donnell, 2016).
The company General Electric also provides benefits to their employees, individuals who retired from the company and their dependents. The requirements for same-sex unions are entirely different from the Walmart conditions. The employee must provide a legal document confirming that the partner is not of the same blood to the person. The partner must not be below 18 years, and the partners should have a shared responsibility for the relationship. The domestic same-sex partners already on the plan must marry for continued cover ("What 's New in 2016 - GE Health Benefits | HealthAhead", 2016). Similar to Walmart employees, General Electric considers qualified domestic partners as those ...

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...ideration for partners who have shared a household occurs. Additionally, legal separation also defines the removal of a beneficiary from the benefit plan from both companies.
Factors such as glass elevators affect the inclusion of domestic partners in benefit schemes. For instance, one partner may experience a gain in position in a company without additional skills yet the other partner experiences sticky floors at work. Sticky floors occur when an employee remains in the same situation over an extended period even with the gain in additional skills and expertise. The benefits in one partner become higher than the others. However, for such cases, the partner with a lower position might not benefit from the partner’s insurance because the company gives benefits according to their level in the company hence loss of eligibility to take advantage of partner’s plan.

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